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Our activity takes place mainly at the shipbuilding level, with specialized personnel, selected on the basis of experience, competence and professionalism criteria, mainly engaged in the assembly of new machinery, systems and prototypes.
On the whole italian territory and also abroad
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Over 10 years of experience in the metalworking sector

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Precision mechanical assembly
Profiling plants, industrial machines, machine tools, shears, presses, special machines, prototypes, mechanical production plants in general and for the processing of various raw materials.
Industrial Mechanical Assemblies
Installation of industrial plants, ovens, pumps, valves, roller conveyors, conveyor belts, augers, load-bearing structures, pneumatic and hydraulic assemblies.
Installation and first start
Profiling plants, machine tools, plants and industrial production lines, carpentry structures.
Electrode, tig and mig on various types of materials, both for carpentry and for industrial piping.
Carpentry assembly
Design carpentry with assembly and welding, from mechanical to structural carpentry up to installation.
Pipeworking constructions and assembly of pipeworking, with relative welds required on the basis of materials and typology.
Ordinary and extraordinary change in various industrial sectors: agro-food, chemical, production lines and processing of various materials.
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